Transfer 101 By John Infante

At their best, transfers are a way of life in college athletics. At their worst, transfers are an all too necessary evil. The fact is with 400,000 student-athletes who make a major life decision at 16–18 years old,there is bound to be some amount of transfer activity. All sorts of ideas have been tried to reduce the transfer rate, with varying degrees of success, but it will never be reduced to zero.

Once a student-athlete decides to transfer, a number of rules come into play. It’s a complicated process, and a lot about the process is understood. Much of that is due to the exceptions that arise. If there were no exceptions, transfers would be governed by two simple rules. But as you’ll see in this guide, simpler is rarely better.

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Cover Your Assets

Budgeting for the Entourage

Cover Your Assets Budgeting for the Entourage

When an athlete finally makes all of the blood, sweat and tears of years of amateur competition pay off in the form of a professional contract, it is only natural that he or she might want to take care of family and close friends who had helped the athlete along their journey. The new pro athlete has to keep this type of expenditure under control. Continue reading

All About Sports Agents

The role and compensation of a sports agent is often misunderstood by the public. A sports agent’s job is to market the athlete or the products associated with that athlete to promote the athletes career. The agent works to negotiate contracts that are in the best interest of the athlete. What we don’t see is the incredible amount of personal sacrifice it takes to acquire and manage each client.

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